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Title: Plasmonics, Vibrational Nanospectroscopy and Polymers

Year: 2021
Authors: Mario D’Acunto
Journal: Environmental Nanotechnology Volume 5Publisher: Springer

Title: Use of Exogenous Enzymes in Human Therapy: Approved Drugs and Potential Applications

Year: 2021
Authors: Patrizia Cioni, Edi Gabellieri, Barbara Campanini, Stefano Bettati, Samanta Raboni
Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Title: Enigmatic persistence of dissolved organic matter in the ocean

Year: 2021
Authors: Thorsten Dittmar, Sinikka T. Lennartz, Hagen Buck-Wiese, Dennis A. Hansell, Chiara Santinelli, Chiara Vanni, Bernd Blasius & Jan-Hendrik Hehemann
Journal: Nature Reviews Earth & Environment

Title: Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Gelatin Scaffolds Allow Regeneration of Nasal Tissues

Year: 2021
Authors: Delfo D’Alessandro, Stefania Moscato, Alessandra Fusco, Jose Gustavo De la Ossa, Mario D’Acunto, Luisa Trombi, Marta Feula, Lorenzo Pio Serino, Giovanna Donnarumma, Mario Petrini, Stefano Berrettini e Serena Danti
Journal: Applied Sciences

Title: Surface transport of DOC acts as a trophic link among Mediterranean sub-basins

Year: 2021
Authors: Santinelli, C., Iacono, R., Napolitano, E., Ribera d’Alcalá, M.
Journal: Biogeosciences Discuss

Title: Contrasting degradation rates of natural dissolved organic carbon by deep-sea prokaryotes under stratified water masses and deep-water convection conditions in the NW Mediterranean Sea

Year: 2021
Authors: Garel M., Panagiotopoulos C., Boutrif M., Repeta D., Sempéré R., Santinelli C., Charrière B., Nerini D., Poggiale J.-C., Tamburini C.
Journal: Marine Chemistry

Title: DOM Biological Lability in an Estuarine System in Two Contrasting Periods

Year: 2021
Authors: Retelletti Brogi, S., Casotti, R., Misson, B., Balestra, C., Gonnelli, M., Vestri, S., Santinelli, C.
Journal: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

Title: Exploiting Gold Nanoparticles for Diagnosis and Cancer Treatments

Year: 2021
Authors: Mario D’Acunto, Patrizia Cioni, Edi Gabellieri and Gianluca Presciuttini
Journal: Nanotechnology

Title: Organic Copper Speciation by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry in Estuarine Waters With High Dissolved Organic Matter

Year: 2021
Authors: Pađan J., Marcinek S., Cindrić A.-M., Santinelli C., Retelletti Brogi S., Radakovitch O., Garnier C., Omanović D.
Journal: Frontiers in Chemistry

Title: A sensitive fluorescent assay for measuring carbon‐phosphorus lyase activity in aquatic systems

Year: 2021
Authors: Granzow B.N., Sosa O.A., Gonnelli M., Santinelli C., Karl D.M., Repeta D.J.
Journal: Limnology and Oceanography Methods

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