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Title: Changes in the non-protein thiol pool and production of dissolved gaseous mercury in the marine diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii under mercury exposure

Year: 2009
Authors: E. Morelli, R. Ferrara, B. Bellini, F. Dini, G. Di Giuseppe and L. Fantozzi
Journal: Sci. Total Environ.

Title: Fluorescence Quenching of Buried Trp Residues by Acrylamide Does Not Require Penetration of the Protein Fold

Year: 2009
Authors: Giovanni B. Strambini and Margherita Gonnelli
Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Title: Picosecond transient circular dichroism of the photoreceptor protein of the light-adapted form of Blepharisma japonicum

Year: 2009
Authors: Francois Hache, Mai-Thu Khuc, Johanna Brazard, Pascal Plaza, Monique M. Martin, Giovanni Checcucci, Francesco Lenci
Journal: Chemical Physics Letters

Title: Photosensitized Effects of Rose Bengal on Structure and Function of Lens Protein “Alpha‐Crystallin”

Year: 2009
Authors: Tareq Youssef, Mohamed Kassem, Tarek Abdella, Mohamed A. Harith, Francesco Lenci
Journal: Photochem Photobiol

Title: Modeling Envisat RA-2 Waveforms in the Coastal Zone: Case Study of Calm Water Contamination

Year: 2009
Authors: Gómez-Enri J., Vignudelli S., Quartly G., Gommenginger C., Benveniste J.
Journal: IEEE Geoscience and remote sensing letters

Title: Microspectrophotometry as a method to identify kleptoplastids in the naked freshwater Dinoflagellate Gymnodinium Acidotum

Year: 2009
Authors: Barsanti L., Evangelista V., Passarelli V., Frassanito A. M., Coltelli P., Gualtieri P.
Journal: Journal of Phycology

Title: Intramolecular photo-switching and intermolecular energy transfer as primary photoevents in photoreceptive processes: The case of Euglena gracilis.

Year: 2009
Authors: Mercatelli R, Quercioli F, Barsanti L, Evangelista V, Coltelli P, Passarelli V, Frassanito AM Gualtieri P.
Journal: Bichem Biophys Research Commun

Title: Dynamics of a minimal neural model consisting of an astrocyte, a neuron, and an interneuron

Year: 2009
Authors: Di Garbo A.
Journal: Journal of Biological Physics

Title: Structure and Dynamics of Cold-Adapted Enzymes as Investigated by Phosphorescence Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Studies. 2. The Case of an Esterase from Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis

Year: 2009
Authors: Sabato D’Auria, Vincenzo Aurilia, Anna Marabotti, Margherita Gonnelli and Giovanni Strambini
Journal: The journal of physical chemistry. B

Title: A phytochelatin-based bioassay in marine diatoms useful for the assessment of bioavailability of heavy metals released by polluted sediments

Year: 2009
Authors: E. Morelli, M.L. Marangi and L. Fantozzi
Journal: Environ. Int.

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