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Title: Does azurin bind to the transactivation domain of p53? A Trp phosphorescence study.

Year: 2011
Authors: E. Gabellieri, M. Bucciantini, M. Stefani, P. Cioni
Journal: Biophys. Chemistry

Title: Influence of Denaturants on Native-State Structural Fluctuations in Azurin Probed by Molecular Size-Dependent Quenching of Trp Phosphorescence

Year: 2011
Authors: Giovanni B. Strambini and Margherita Gonnelli
Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Title: Fundamental questions and concepts about photoreception and the case of Euglena gracilis

Year: 2011
Authors: L. Barsanti, A.M. Frassanito, , V. Passarelli, V. Evangelista, P. Gualtieri
Journal: Integrative Biology

Title: Environmental enrichment modulates cortico-cortical interactions in the mouse

Year: 2011
Authors: A. Di Garbo, M. Mainardi, S. Chillemi, L. Maffei, M. Caleo
Journal: PLOS ONE

Title: Chemistry, physico-chemistry and applications linked to biological activities of β-Glucans

Year: 2011
Authors: L. Barsanti, A.M. Frassanito, , V. Passarelli, V. Evangelista, P. Gualtieri
Journal: Natural Products Report

Title: Protein structural changes induced by glutathione-coated CdS quantum dots as revealed by Trp phosphorescence.

Year: 2011
Authors: Gabellieri E, Cioni P, Balestreri E, Morelli E.
Journal: European Biophysics Journal

Title: Exogenous cytokinin treatments of a Ni hyper-accumulator, Alyssum murale, grown in a serpentine soil: Implications for phytoextraction

Year: 2011
Authors: L. Cassina, E. Tassi, E. Morelli, L. Giorgetti, D. Remorini, R. Massai, R.L. Chaney, M. Barbafieri
Journal: Int. J. Phytoremediation

Title: Improved Coastal Altimetry Could Contribute to the Monitoring of Regional Sea Level Trends

Year: 2011
Authors: Fernandes M. J., Benveniste J., Vignudelli S.
Journal: Eos Trans. AGU

Title: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Assessing the Toxicity of Marine Sediments: Analysis of Metal Content and Elutriate Bioassays Using Metal Bioavailability and Genotoxicity Biomarkers.

Year: 2011
Authors: Frassinetti S, Pitzalis E, Mascherpa MC, Caltavuturo L, Morelli E.
Journal: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

Title: Satellite Altimetry: sailing closer to the coast

Year: 2011
Authors: Vignudelli S., Cipollini P., Gommenginger C., Snaith H., Coelho H., Fernandes J., Lazaro C., Nunes A., Gómez-Enri J., Martin-Puig C., Woodworth P., Dinardo S., Benveniste J.
Journal: Remote Sensing of the Changing Oceans

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