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Title: Acrylonitrile Quenching of Trp Phosphorescence in Proteins: A Probe of the Internal Flexibility of the Globular Fold

Year: 2010
Authors: Gonnelli Margherita, Strambini Giovanni
Journal: Biophysical Journal

Title: DOC dynamics in the meso and bathypelagic layers of the Mediterranean Sea

Year: 2010
Authors: Santinelli C., Seritti A., Nannicini L.
Journal: Deep-Sea Research

Title: Protein Phosphorescence Quenching: Distinction between Quencher Penetration and External Quenching Mechanisms

Year: 2010
Authors: Giovanni B. Strambini and Margherita Gonnelli
Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Title: Protein dynamics and pressure: What can high pressure tell us about protein structural flexibility

Year: 2010
Authors: P. Cioni, E. Gabellieri
Journal: Biochim. Biophys. Acta

Title: Variable renewal rate and growth properties of cell populations in colon crypts

Year: 2010
Authors: A. Di Garbo, M.D. Johnston, S.J. Chapman, P.K. Maini
Journal: Phys Rev. E

Title: Effects of hypericin on the structure and aggregation properties of β-amyloid peptides

Year: 2010
Authors: E. Bramanti, F. Lenci, A. Sgarbossa
Journal: European Biophysics Journal

Title: Spatial and seasonal changes in optical properties of autochthonous and allochthonous chromophoric dissolved organic matter in a stratified mountain lake

Year: 2010
Authors: Bracchini L., Dattilo A. M., Hull V., Loiselle S. A., Nannicini L., Picchi M. P., Santinelli C., Seritti A., Tognazzi A., Rossi C.
Journal: Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Title: A rhodopsin-like protein in Cyanophora paradoxa: gene sequence and protein immunolocalizatioN

Year: 2010
Authors: A.M. Frassanito, L. Barsanti, V. Passarelli, V. Evangelista, P. Gualtieri
Journal: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Title: Evidence for two conductive pathways in P2X7 receptor: differences in modulation and selectivity

Year: 2010
Authors: Susanna Alloisio, Angelo Di Garbo, Raffaella Barbieri, Luigi Bozzo, Stefano Ferrosi, Mario Nobile
Journal: Journal of Neurochemistry

Title: Metodologie di studio del plancton Marino

Year: 2010
Authors: Giani M., De Vittor C., Santinelli C., Savelli F.
Journal: Metodologie di studio del plancton marino

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