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Title: Hidden cycle of dissolved organic carbon in the deep ocean.

Year: 2014
Authors: Follett C.L., Repeta D.J., Rothman D.H., Xu L., Santinelli C.
Journal: PNAS

Title: Water monitoring: Automated and real time identification and classification of algae using digital microscopy

Year: 2014
Authors: Primo Coltelli, Laura Barsanti, Valtere Evangelista, Anna Maria Frassanito, Paolo Gualtieri
Journal: Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

Title: Evaluation of altimetry-derived surface current products using Lagrangian drifter trajectories in the eastern Gulf of Mexico

Year: 2014
Authors: Liu Y., Weisberg R. H., Vignudelli S., Mitchum G. C.
Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans

Title: ALES: A multi-mission adaptive subwaveform retracker for coastal and open ocean altimetry

Year: 2014
Authors: Passaro M., Cipollini P., Vignudelli S., Quartly G., Helen S.
Journal: Remote Sensing of Environment

Title: Algae: Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology, Second Edition

Year: 2014
Authors: Laura Barsanti and Paolo Gualtieri
Journal: CRC Press

Title: The Coastal Zone: A Mission Target for Satellite Altimeters

Year: 2014
Authors: Cipollini P., Vignudelli S., Benveniste G.
Journal: A0 International Journal

Title: Environmental enrichment strengthens corticocortical interactions and reduces amyloid-β oligomers in aged mice

Year: 2014
Authors: Mainardi, M., Di Garbo, A., Caleo, M., Berardi, N., Sale, A., Maffei, L.
Journal: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

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