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Title: Fluorescence lifetime microscopy reveals the biologically-related photophysical heterogeneity of oxyblepharismin in light-adapted (blue) Blepharisma japonicum cells.

Year: 2017
Authors: Checcucci G, Storti B, Ghetti F, Signore G, Bizzarri R
Journal: Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.

Title: Validation of CryoSat-2 SIRAL sea level data in the eastern continental shelf of the Gulf of Cadiz (Spain)

Year: 2017
Authors: Gómez-Enri J., Vignudelli S., Cipollini P., Coca J.
Journal: Advances in Space Research

Title: Satellite Altimetry in coastal regions

Year: 2017
Authors: Cipollini P., Benveniste J., Birol F., Fernandes M.J., Obligis E., Passaro M., Strub P. T., Valladeau G., Vignudelli S., Wilkin J.
Journal: CRC Press Taylor & Francis

Title: Spatiotemporal monitoring of upwelled water motions using optical flow method in the Eastern Coasts of Caspian Sea

Year: 2017
Authors: Ghalenoei E., Hasanlou M., Sharifi M. A., Vignudelli S., Ismael Foroughi I.
Journal: Journal of Applied Remote Sensing

Title: Cardio-metabolic Diseases Prevention by Self-monitoring the Breath

Year: 2017
Authors: Germanese D., D’Acunto M., Magrini M., Righi M., Salvetti O.
Journal: Sensors & Transducers

Title: The role of Euglena gracilis paramylon in modulating xylem hormone levels, photosynthesis and water‐use efficiency in Solanum lycopersicum L

Year: 2017
Authors: Andrea Scartazza Piero Picciarelli Lorenzo Mariotti Maurizio Curadi Laura Barsanti Paolo Gualtieri
Journal: Physiologia Plantarum

Title: Envisat RA-2 Individual Echoes: A Unique Dataset for a Better Understanding of Inland Water Altimetry Potentialities

Year: 2017
Authors: Abileah R, Scozzari A, Vignudelli S
Journal: Remote Sensing (basel

Title: Mnemiopsis leidyi in the northern Adriatic: here to stay?

Year: 2017
Authors: Malej A, Tirelli V, Lučić D, Paliaga P, Vodopivec M, Goruppi A, Ancona S, Benzi M, Bettoso N, Camatti E, Ercolessi M, Ferrari CR, Shiganova T
Journal: Journal of Sea Research

Title: Improvements of storm surge forecasting in the Gulf of Venice exploiting the potential of satellite data: the ESA DUE eSurge-Venice project

Year: 2017
Authors: De Biasio F, Bajo M, Vignudelli S, Umgiesser G, Zecchetto S
Journal: European Journal Of Remote Sensin

Title: Main photophysical properties of oxyblepharismin

Year: 2017
Authors: Storti B, Checcucci G, Ghetti F, Nifosi R, Bizzarri R
Journal: Biophysical chemistry

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