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Title: From human mesenchymal stromal cells to osteosarcoma cells classification by deep learning

Year: 2019
Authors: Mario D’Acunto, Massimo Martinelli and Davide Moroni
Journal: Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems

Title: Seasonal differences in dissolved organic matter properties and sources in an Arctic fjord: Implications for future conditions

Year: 2019
Authors: Simona Retelletti Brogi, Jin Young Jung, Sun-Yong Ha, Jin Hur
Journal: Science of The Total Environment

Title: Photochemical release of dissolved organic matter from particulate organic matter: Spectroscopic characteristics and disinfection by-product formation potential

Year: 2019
Authors: Han-Saem Lee, Jin Hur, Mi-Hee Lee, Simona Retelletti Brogi, Tae-Wook Kim, Hyun-Sang Shin
Journal: Chemosphere

Title: Satellite Altimetry Measurements of Sea Level in the Coastal Zone

Year: 2019
Authors: Stefano Vignudelli, Florence Birol, Jérôme Benveniste, Lee-Lueng Fu, Nicolas Picot, Matthias Raynal, Hélène Roinard
Journal: Surveys in Geophysics

Title: ASFit – An all-inclusive tool for analysis of UV–Vis spectra of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM)

Year: 2019
Authors: Dario Omanovic, Chiara Santinelli, Sasa Marcinek, Margherita Gonnelli
Journal: Computers and Geosciences

Title: Characterization of aquatic organic matter: Assessment, perspectives and research priorities

Year: 2019
Authors: Morgane Derrien, Simona Retelletti Brogi, Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo
Journal: Water Research

Title: Zooplankton in Adriatic port environments: Indigenous communities and non-indigenous species

Year: 2019
Authors: Vidjak O., Bojanić N., de Olazabal A., Benzi M., Brautović I., Camatti E., Hure M., Lipej L., Lučić D., Pansera M., Pećarević M., Pestorić B., Pigozzi S., Tirelli V.
Journal: Marine Pollution Bulletin

Title: Raman Spectroscopy and Cancer Diagnosis†

Year: 2019
Authors: Barbara Bravo, Luigi Ciani and Mario D’Acunto
Journal: Proceedings

Title: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Intracellular Components†

Year: 2019
Authors: Mario D’Acunto
Journal: Proceedings

Title: Zooplankton diel vertical migration in the Corsica Channel (north-western Mediterranean Sea) detected by a moored acoustic Doppler current profiler

Year: 2019
Authors: Guerra D., Schroeder K., Borghini M., Camatti E., Pansera M, Schroeder A., Sparnocchia S., Chiggiato J.
Journal: Ocean Science

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