Chiara Santinelli

CNR Istituto di Biofisica Unità Operativa di Pisa Via G. Moruzzi N° 1 Pisa Italia

Ruolo Ricercatore

Edificio B Piano 1° Stanza BA 16

Telefono +39 050 315 2755 / 2751 – FAX +39 050 315 2760

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I’m a biologist and in 2004 obtained my PhD in chemical oceanography at Pisa University.
Since the 2005 I’m a researcher at the Biophysics Institute of the Italian National Research Council and since 2006 I’m a lecturer at Pisa University.
My research interests focus on dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics in both coastal areas and open sea waters, with particular regards to the role of DOM in the global carbon cycle and in carbon export and sequestration in deep waters.
Since 2012 I’m the national representative in the international SOLAS (Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study) Project.

  • Marine biogeochemical cycles, with particular regard to carbon
  • Relationship between thermohaline circulation and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) distribution in different areas of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Optical properties (absorption and fluorescence) of chromophoric DOM (CDOM)
  • Impact of climate change on DOM and CDOM dynamics
  • Biological lability and mineralization rates of DOM
  • Microbial food web


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