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Titolo: Temperature increase inside LED-based illuminators for in vitro aPDT photodamage studies

Anno: 2018
Autori: Battisti A, Morici P, Tortora G, Menciassi A, Checcucci G, Ghetti F, Sgarbossa A
Rivista: Results in Physics

Titolo: Fluorescence lifetime microscopy reveals the biologically-related photophysical heterogeneity of oxyblepharismin in light-adapted (blue) Blepharisma japonicum cells.

Anno: 2017
Autori: Checcucci G, Storti B, Ghetti F, Signore G, Bizzarri R
Rivista: Photochem. Photobiol. Sci.

Titolo: Main photophysical properties of oxyblepharismin

Anno: 2017
Autori: Storti B, Checcucci G, Ghetti F, Nifosi R, Bizzarri R
Rivista: Biophysical chemistry

Titolo: Salt-stress induced changes in the leaf proteome of diploid and tetraploid mandarins with contrasting Na+ and Cl− accumulation behaviour

Anno: 2013
Autori: Podda A, Checcucci G, Mouhaya W, Centeno D, Rofidal V, Del Carratore R, Luro F, Morillon R, Ollitrault P, Maserti B E
Rivista: Journal of Plant Physiology

Titolo: Picosecond transient circular dichroism of the photoreceptor protein of the light-adapted form of Blepharisma japonicum

Anno: 2009
Autori: Francois Hache, Mai-Thu Khuc, Johanna Brazard, Pascal Plaza, Monique M. Martin, Giovanni Checcucci, Francesco Lenci
Rivista: Chemical Physics Letters

Titolo: Primary Photoprocesses Involved in the Sensory Protein for the Photophobic Response of Blepharisma japonicum

Anno: 2008
Autori: Brazard, C. Ley, F. Lacombat, P. Plaza, M. M. Martin, G. Checcucci and F. Lenci
Rivista: J Phys Chem B

Titolo: Steady-state and femtosecond photoinduced processes of blepharismins bound to alpha-crystallin.

Anno: 2008
Autori: T. Youssef, J. Brazard, C. Ley, F. Lacombat, P. Plaza, M. M. Martin, A. Sgarbossa, G. Checcucci and F. Lenci
Rivista: Photochem Photobiol Sci.

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